Julia Fox set her clothes on fire (video)


    Julia Fox set herself on fire clothes (video)

    The shocking queen once again confirms her title.

    32-year-old Italian-American actress Julia Fox posed for a photographer in a latex bodysuit and a burning raincoat. The celebrity shared the footage of the shooting on her Instagram page.

    The former lover of the American rapper Kanye West climbed onto the roof of one of the skyscrapers in New York and set fire to her clothes in the truest sense of the word. Julia tried on a black latex bodysuit, high boots and long gloves. However, the highlight of the image was a flaming cloak that was on fire during a photo shoot under the sky.

    As you know, Sam Meiser, known for his special love for fire, became the stylist of outerwear.

    “My son was conceived on this rooftop 🤫 anyway this awesome pyro coat was created by @samxmacer 🔥🔥🔥 📹 @bendraghi stylized as @brianaandalore,” Julia Fox captioned the video.

    After her romance and breakup with American rapper Kanye West, Julia Fox began to attract even more attention. The actress began to declare herself as a fashion person. Fox every time demonstrates provocative and frank images, participates in fashion weeks and graces the covers of influential glossy magazines.


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