Julia Paredes: her son hospitalized and transfused, she evokes “the fear of her life”

Julia Paredes: her son hospitalized and transfused, she evokes “the fear of his life”

This Wednesday, June 15, Julia Paredes shared a disturbing message on Instagram. She explains that her son was hospitalized in emergency.

The night of Tuesday June 14 to Wednesday June 15 was terrible for Julia Paredes. As the reality TV contestant explains, she had “the fear of her life“. And for good reason ! Her son, Vittorio, who will soon celebrate his first birthday, felt very bad. On Wednesday, the mother of two shared a photo on her Instagram account that worried her entire community. We see the young woman breastfeeding her son in the hospital and the little one is infused in the foot. To accompany this photo, Julia Paredes explained in detail what happened to her baby boy.

The ambulance came to pick us up in the night with Vittorio because his breathing was unusual, his fever was rising despite the medication, he was getting worse and worse so without waiting, I called“, started the worried young mother. Then she added: “When we got to the hospital he had a bunch of tests: covid test (negative), flu (negative) and X-ray of the lungs which revealed a large bronchitis. Following the 39.8 fever and vomiting, baby became dehydrated and almost lost consciousness in my arms in the ambulance. The scare of my life!

Julia Parades: 'He almost passed out'

As Julia Paredes acknowledged, she immediately thought, 'at worst“. And to continue: “Even if you have to stay positive and you realize how important health is! Finally, the former Friend Trip star gave reassuring news of his son. “Vittorio is currently on a drip for rehydration and he is on oxygen to help him breathe. He doesn't want to eat anything, just be at the breast since this morning and I tell myself fortunately that he has that! I hope he recovers soon. Mom and baby should be out “within a few days,” the doctors told her. We can only wish baby Vittorio a good recovery.

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