Julia Wieniawa follows the make-up tricks of foreign stars. The effects are amazing

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Hailey Bieber showed how she cares about her lips so that they always seem bigger and more beautiful. A Polish actress uses a similar method.

Julia Wieniawa follows the make-up tricks of foreign stars. The effects are amazing

Portal & ldquo; Pomponik & rdquo; reports that celebrities often know useful tricks to improve their beauty. It does not always require large financial outlays.

This is also the case with optical lip augmentation. The wife of a famous singer, Hailey Bieber, provided valuable advice on this matter.

The 25-year-old model is one of the most popular makeup experts on social media. As she advises, you should take care of your lips by using scrubs, as well as balms or protective lipsticks.

Their healthy appearance will then be easy to emphasize the contours. The celebrity gently goes beyond the edges using the nude color, i.e. natural, slightly darker than the color of the lips. Then he rubs it lightly with his finger and makes thicker lines again in the middle of the lower and upper lips. Finally, she paints her lips with a colorless lip gloss.

Our native celebrity Julia Wieniawa uses a similar method. As you can see, they both effectively enlarge their lips in this way.

Home remedies for enlarged lips

There are also other tricks without using contour. Many women massage their lips with a toothbrush and petroleum jelly or other lip conditioner. Some people also use spice masks, such as cinnamon, ginger or pepper.

For lip augmentation, there are also special facial exercises including making a spit or whole scum.

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