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Julien : the first big favorite of the Star Academy has already won a victory over stuttering

He is already there. one of the favorites if not the main favorite for the Star Academy 2023. Julien moved the coaches thanks to his performance. his talent, but also his struggles with the trials of life.

Last Saturday, the Star Academy marked its return for an 11th season, revealing 13 candidates including Julien, a young man who has already captured public attention. The handsome 24-year-old brunette, originally from Pau, seduced viewers with his cover of "I promise you" by Johnny Hallyday. But beyond that Of his charm, it was his fight against stuttering that was highlighted by the program which mixes competition and reality TV, a disorder that he overcame thanks to music, against doctors' predictions.

Julien shares his victory over this speech disorder with admirable determination: “I worked a lot, I managed to achieve this. “I can breathe better, and today, as you can see, there is no more stuttering!,” he said. His journey to recovery has been difficult. supported by key figures in his life, including his singing teacher, his mother and his sister. He is also motivated to work. through love, dedicating his performance to his girlfriend, a relationship previously unknown to the public before his own confessions on stage.

A family drama

Her performance not only moved the audience but also the judges, with Adeline Toniutti, the show's singing teacher, expressing her admiration: "You prove to us this evening that when we have a problem in life, a handicap, an illness, you always have to fight because you are moving on to something new. through and so I promise you a bright future I think!"

Beyond of his talent, Julien touched the heart of the show with a personal and poignant tribute. During the first evaluations, he interpreted "Broken Vow" by Josh Groban, in memory of his deceased father. This song, which helped Julien à; express your pain and beginning his healing process, deeply moved the teachers, testifying to Julien's intense emotional connection with his music.

Julien's journey to 39;here testifies to his resilience and his courage. His story is a vibrant example of the ability to from art to transcend personal trials, and one's presence at home. The Star Academy promises not only a competition of talent but also inspiration for those facing challenges. their own battles. With his talent and his touching personal story, Julien is already profiling himself. as a favorite for the final victory.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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