July 14 – Summer Kuzminki: history, traditions and omens of the holiday


July 14, 2022, 06:02 | Culture

Dreams today should be interpreted directly – what is dreamed is what should be expected.

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In Russia, many Orthodox holidays from purely religious events have turned into events that are celebrated nationwide, whimsically combining local beliefs with strict canonical Christian tradition, informs Ukr.Media.

One of these holidays can be called Summer Kuzminka. They fell annually on July 14. The church at this time honored the memory of the silverless holy martyrs Cosma and Damian.

The name of the event is derived from the name of Cosma – Kuzma, with clarification in the form of the season (as another saint with the name Kuzma pit is revered in winter).

Historical reference

The holy brothers Damian and Cosmas lived in Rome during the 3rd-4th centuries. N. e. Their father was a cruel pagan, and the slave-mother secretly professed Christianity and instilled in her sons mercy and love for the true faith from childhood.

After growing up, the boys chose the path of treatment for themselves. Guided by the commandments, they treated all the afflicted, regardless of whether they had the funds to pay for medical services. During the procedures, the brothers always told pagans biblical stories and parables, urging their patients to believe in the power of God.

For unwavering faith and unceasing prayers, the Most High bestowed Cosmas and Damian with the gift of healing, which allowed them to heal even the most hopeless patients. Their fame multiplied and soon reached the Roman emperor himself.

He ordered doctors to be judged as magicians. But by God's will, during the trial itself, the bishop's neck was severely twisted, and the mobility of his head returned after the brothers were acquitted.

The brothers died tragically: as a result of the conspiracy of their own medical mentor. In a fit of envy for the success of his students, he lured them to a rock and killed them meanly, throwing their bodies into the sea.

Folk traditions and rituals

The holy brothers are considered the deputies and patrons of doctors, so at this time it is customary to pray to the holy doctors for deliverance from diseases.

It was believed that elderly healers are especially strong on Kuzminky, and their conspiracies have triple the power and able to cure even chronic diseases.

On July 14, after household chores, women and girls arranged their own separate gatherings, where more mature representatives of the fairer sex shared their knowledge on proper communication and behavior with men. it was possible to eat only vegetable food prepared with one's own hands, otherwise all "science" will not leave with a reserve.

At this time, it was absolutely impossible to swear at anyone, since all blasphemy, uttered from the heart, turned against the speaker himself.

Midsummer – the name day forester Therefore, it was impossible to cut down the forest, collect mushrooms and berries, and engage in carpentry and carpentry work.

Beliefs and omens

  • If the Moon is red in the evening, expect a thunderstorm. The redder, the stronger;
  • Dreams at night of Cosmas and Damian are omens;
  • A person born on this day will live a very long life;
  • If in the forest without the trees are making a lot of noise in the wind, and the leaves are falling from the tops, it is better to get out of it as soon as possible – the forester is angry. If you do not leave the thicket before dark, you will wander for another 2 days without making an offering to the forest owner.


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