July 18 — Athanasius Day, the holiday of the Moon: history, traditions and signs of the holiday


July 18, 2022, 06:05 | Culture

Today you cannot tell other people about your plans, dreams, desires – they will not come true.

July 18 — Athanasius Day, the holiday of the Moon: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

On July 18, the ancient Slavs celebrated the name day of the Moon, and also honored his mother, the Lunar Mara, and his father, the Horned Veles. In the national calendar, the date was named the holiday of the Moon in honor of the night light of the Moon and Athanasius day in memory of the monk Athanasius Afonsky, informs Ukr.Media.

18 July according to the folk calendar is Athanasius day

Our ancestors believed that the moon has many reincarnations. This is the Veles tour, which transports the souls of the dead to the other world. It was also called Mara's sickle, which cuts the threads of life. Another name is the cup of sorcery or the Navaya cup, which fills half of the month and drains the other half.

On this night, people went out to see how the birthday boy would play and determined the future harvest by his playing. If the Moon changes its color, then hides behind the clouds, then appears again, it means that the harvest is expected to be generous.

On the moon's name day, it was customary to lay out household charms and kitchen utensils, especially silver ones, under the moonlight. People believed that this is how objects are charged with special magical energy.

Customs and traditions

July 18 was considered a day of loss among our ancestors, so today you should not start new business, solve important issues, especially material ones. But the date is auspicious for divorces, if life is no longer at all possible, then the separation on this very day will be peaceful and calm, without reproaches, scandals and with a reasonable division of property.

Rites on Athanasius Day

On the name day of the Moon, you can get rid of evil slander and various ailments with the help of a “pure ritual”. For this, you need to carry out a general cleaning in the house, then bathe all family members and put on fresh, clean clothes. It was believed that after this the Moon would give good health to all household members and wealth to the house.

First of all, on this night, small children and teenagers should look at the playing Moon in order to gain intelligence and wisdom. The one who manages to consider the most of his playful transformations will be the happiest in the coming year.

And in order to attract material well-being to the family, you need to catch the moment when the Moon rises in the sky and shake a wallet with coins in front of it. At the same time say: "Moon, Moon, give us a lot more cash".

On the name day of the Moon, women baked special cookies, kneading the dough with a large amount of butter. In addition to honey and flour, they put nuts and poppy seeds in it. Cookies were given the shape of a crescent moon.

On top, the pastry was poured with liquid honey and sprinkled with a mixture of crushed nuts and poppy seeds. They went out and treated not only relatives and neighbors with cookies, but also strangers passing by. It was believed that such a rite would bring good luck to the house and family.

Unmarried girls untied their braids at midnight on the street and spun around themselves three times under the moonlight. So they flaunted themselves in front of the birthday Moon and invited their grooms.

Women went in companies to collect medicinal herbs under the light of the Moon. It was believed that they have a special healing power on this night.

If a newborn baby cries a lot at night, then the mother should, as soon as she sees the moon in the sky on July 18, turn the baby three times in the crib from one barrel to another. After that, the baby will have a peaceful sleep.

Folk omens

A large number of stars in the sky this night portends clear weather. But if dark rays diverge from them, then a storm is expected.

On the night of July 18, the moon determines the weather for the coming days. If it is unusually large and foggy, expect worsening weather conditions. A bright, shiny and white moon portends dry, but cooling weather.


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