July 24 – Olga Stradnytsia: history, traditions and signs of the holiday


July 24, 2022, 06:09 | Culture

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July 24 — Olga Stradnytsia: history, traditions and omens of the holiday

The roots of the old Slavic holidays bear traces of the pagan beliefs of our ancestors. The baptism of Russia added to them only the outer shell of Orthodox ritual, without changing the origins of folk culture, informs Ukr.Media.

One of these holidays is Olga Stradnytsia. It is celebrated every year on July 24. In the church tradition, at this time, the memory of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga (Helena after baptism) is honored. On this day, the name days of Olga and Elena are held.

The nickname Stradnytsia was given to the holiday due to the peak of planting and field work at this time.

Historical reference

Rivno-apostolic princess Olga was born around 920 AD. e. in the ancient princely family of Izborskyi. Thanks to her high position, the girl received a comprehensive and extensive education from childhood: she knew how to write, read and count, knew several foreign languages ​​and the basics of natural sciences.

Before she came of age, the princess was married to Prince Igor of Kyiv, from whom she had time give birth to a son Svyatoslav, before the prince was treacherously killed during a visit to the neighboring Drevlyan tribe.

Olga brutally avenged her husband's death, killing more than 5,000 Drevlyans in total. But over time, the pain of loss gave way to state affairs, and with them to spiritual education.

Olga was actively interested in foreign affairs and, having learned about Christianity, wished to join the new religion directly in the capital of Byzantium, Constantinople. The big city made an unforgettable impression on her. She was baptized in St. Sophia's Cathedral under the name of Elena, and returned to her native Kyiv as a zealous Christian.

At home, the princess actively preached the new faith and was able to convince many hundreds of her subjects to be baptized. Unfortunately, her son and heir Prince Svyatoslav did not listen to his mother's advice and continued to cling to paganism.

Olga did not insist on her own and instilled the foundations of true faith in her grandchildren. Later, one of them: Prince Volodymyr Krasne Sonechko of Kyiv in 988 conducted a full baptism of Rus. During his reign, the late Princess Olga was canonized.

Folk traditions and rites

On Olga Stradnitsa, they gathered rye and began drying hay. The villagers offered prayers to the saint so that she would protect the harvesting season from torrential rains.

Also on this day before midnight, when the Stozhars were clearly visible in the sky (the common name for a star cluster in the Taurus constellation), senior members families read a protective conspiracy against evil spirits and the evil eye on children's health.

Beliefs and omens< /p>

  • The sky is free from clouds, but thunder is still heard – until heavy showers;
  • On the night of June 24, the stars shine clearly in the sky and the Stozhars are clearly visible – autumn will come late, and the harvest will be abundant;
  • Clouds in the sky and thunder rumbles in the morning – a good time for fishing;
  • Leeches float to the surface of the swamps – to a storm;
  • < li>The spider in the center of the web froze – to the rain;

  • The sparrows hide under the roof – by the evening it will get colder and it will rain heavily;
  • The woodpecker in the forest knocks all day and does not shut up – the coming night it will be cold, and the coming days will be windy and rainy;
  • Mice in the cellar the spindle squeaks – until it gets cold.


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