July 28 – Kyryk and Ulyta: history, traditions and signs of the holiday


July 28, 2022, 06:02 | Culture

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July 28 — Kirik and

The adoption of Orthodoxy everywhere introduced Christian rituals into the everyday life of ordinary people. But to this day, Old Slavic holidays are a natural guide of folk culture. They allow a deeper understanding of the belief system of our ancestors, the pre-Christian worldview, informs Ukr.Media.

One of these events is the national holiday of Kyryk and Ulyta. It is celebrated annually on July 28.

On this day, the church commemorates the martyr Kirik and the martyr Ulyta. The holiday is also popularly called the Red Sun. This is connected with the name day of Prince Volodymyr, who baptized Rus in 988 and bore this nickname.

Historical reference

< p>Saint Iulitta lived at the turn of the 3rd and 4th centuries. on the Asia Minor peninsula (now Turkey) in the village of Iconii. She came from a family of wealthy noble Christians, so she received an excellent secular and theological education as a child.

If it were not for the Christian persecution of the pagan emperor Diocletian, Iulitta would have lived a quiet and peaceful life: at the time of the beginning of the repressions, she was already married and gave birth to a son Kyryk. But only a few days after the edict was issued, the guards captured and executed her husband and relatives.

In fear, the woman with the baby in her arms was forced to hide for several months, until in 305 in the city of Torsi they were also arrested on the charge of secretly practicing Christianity and thrown into the local dungeon.

Little Kyrik cried loudly from hunger. in a cold cell, and the guard guarding the prisoners took the child from the mother and threw the baby from the fortress wall down the stairs. After prolonged torture, Iulitta herself, like most of the prisoners, was simply beheaded.

Folk traditions and rites

It is customary to pray for family well-being and the health of small children on Kirik and Ulyta. Women turn to the saint with requests for a quick pregnancy and the birth of healthy offspring.

On July 28, it is not customary to work on the ground, as it is believed that at this time, various underground evils rise directly to the surface of the soil.< /p>

Noon was considered the most unfavorable time. People believed that at this hour the field spirits are particularly mischievous and that is why unbearable heat descends on the earth. If you are on the street at this time, you can meet particularly powerful spirits in the form of a dried-up woman, an ugly old woman or an emaciated dog (boar).

But the period of rampage of unholy forces did not last long: from two o'clock it was « safe» to appear on the street. Since then, solar heat has been considered beneficial. It generously gifted everyone with its health.

Folk beliefs and omens

  • The wind blows from the south – expect warm days; from the east – there will be sunny weather for a week: from the north – until rains; from the west – to cooling and fog;
  • If it rains in the morning on July 28, it will surely intensify by the evening;
  • Grasshoppers are chirping loudly in the grass – drought is coming soon ;
  • In the morning, the fish in the river (lake) splash and jump high – the whole coming week will be warm and mild weather;
  • The cuckoo in the forest crows loudly and for a long time – autumn will be early, but warm;
  • The more humid and rainy the weather is on this day, the more mushrooms and berries it will bear in autumn.


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