July 29 is the day of the holy martyr Julia: history, traditions and signs of the holiday


July 29, 2020, 06:04 | Culture

Luck will not leave if you wear the appropriate amulet.

July 29 — the day of the holy martyr Julia: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

In the Orthodox world, July 29 commemorates the martyr Julia of Corsica. The date in the national calendar is called Afinogenovy zahynky or simply Julia's Day, informs Ukr.Media.

Who was Saint Julia?

Iulia lived in the 5th century, she was subjected to severe suffering for her Christian faith. The torturers cut off the girl's breasts and threw them on a rock. But at the same moment, two water sources began to break through at the place of their fall.

The executioners were enraged by this and crucified Iulia on a cross. Legend has it that at the moment of the crucifixion, a dove flew out of her lips, symbolizing innocence and holiness.

What rites and traditions exist on this day?< /strong>

On July 29, another Christian martyr, Aphinogenes, was remembered. That is why the people nicknamed the date Afinogen Zahynki, due to the fact that the period of active Kosovy was coming.

The first sheaf was always carried into the house and placed in the red corner. It was considered healing, and each grain could cure even the most terrible ailments.

From Julia's day you will no longer hear birdsong. Although it is very hot outside, the birds already feel that autumn will soon come, and they are starting to prepare for the flight to the south. The people even came up with a proverb on this account: “Birds don't sing anymore because they are waiting for autumn”.

People's magical rites will help bring luck back into your life today!

The Slavs believed that if you find a forked ear of corn on July 29, then the luck during the coming year will be double.

We all realize that a lot in life depends on the favor of the wheel of fortune. How many such cases are there when people are competent, responsible and hardworking, but they are chronically unlucky in life, it is difficult to achieve success.

But there is a chance to radically change the situation and place fortune on your side. Folk magic rites will help with this.

Lucky talismans

Buy and always carry with you one of the suggested lucky charms:

1. The most popular amulet is a horseshoe. For luck to be present in the life of each family member, fasten it on the front door (horns should point upwards).

2. Four-leaf clover. Carry it with you everywhere as a pendant or key ring.

3. Goldfish. It is best that she swims in a home aquarium. If there is no such possibility, then just hang a picture with a goldfish on the wall or buy a miniature figurine that you always keep with you.

4. The Slavs have long considered the Sun to be a mediator between God and man. This insect is a symbol of heavenly patronage and good luck.

5. The figure of an elephant, but its trunk must be directed upwards.

6. A golden key will open any gates and doors on the path of life.

Ritual with a pin

You will need a new pin. In the evening, as soon as you see the moon in the sky, take a pin in your right hand, go outside, turn your gaze to the sky and say the prescribed text:

«As the night light rose to the sky, so on my life everything is fine from now on. Trouble and suffering will go away, luck and prosperity will come.

Carry the pin with you all the time.

Ritual with water

Every morning pour clean water into a glass. Go outside or on the balcony, hold a glass in your hands, turn your gaze to the sun and utter a conspiracy:

"Dear water, you are my sister, you give people both to drink and to wash. I am asking you to give me three drops of luck, reward me with five drops of luck, and bring happiness to the great ocean. She closed her tongue with a key and washed it with water. Everything that was said will come true.

Now you need to drink all the water in small sips.

Weather signs for July 29

  • Shuliks floating in the sky on July 29 portend strong heat.
  • If a thick fog descended on the ground this morning, then expect a rich mushroom harvest in autumn.


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