July 5 – Ulyana Day: history, traditions and signs of the holiday


July 5, 2022, 06:06 | Culture

Today you should not go shopping, buy clothes, appliances, household goods – they will quickly become unusable.

July 5 — Ulyan's day: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

On July 5, the Christian martyr Iuliania is honored in Orthodoxy. In the national calendar, the date was named Ulyanin day, Ukr.Media informs.

The story of the life of the saint

There is a story about the life of this saint little information. It is known that their whole family suffered for their faith in Christ – Iuliania and her son Saturninus were burned at the stake, and her husband Galaction was drowned in the sea.

Customs and traditions

Our ancestors never started new business on Ulyana day, because they were not destined to end successfully. Even in the fields on July 5, they did not particularly work, everyone went to collect medicinal herbs and plants.

And they also harvested twigs and made bath brooms from them, because the next day is Agrafena Kupalnytsia and you must go to the bath. to steam.

The material for brooms means a lot:

  • if you steam with oak, you will find strength and get rid of enemies;
  • with aspen they whip those whom they want to cure from drunkenness;
  • with birch they should both take a bath, then they will love each other forever.

Rites on Ulyanin day

In Russia, two days, July 4 and 5, were considered even – Ulyaniv and Ulyanin. The people said that on July 4, Ulyan is looking for his Ulyan, and meanwhile she walks by the river and examines herself in the river mirror.

But the next day, July 5, Ulyan shakes off his witchcraft and hurries to his Ulyan. That is why our ancestors considered July 5 a day of meetings.

They say that today, more than ever, like attracts like. This is probably the best day of the year for two lonely hearts to meet.

Loneliness is the scourge of the modern world. People are busy with work, business, career and they never build relationships, start a family.

At first they don't pay attention to it, but when tears appear at night and you really want to lean on a strong shoulder, it turns out that the train has already left. But you can at least try to jump into the last train.

Talismans that save you from loneliness

Try to attract love into your life with the help of simple but effective talismans .

  1. Stones: rock crystal, garnet, turquoise, aquamarine, aventurine. Stone talismans are able to cope even with the crown of celibacy.
  2. A souvenir or decoration of a happy married couple. If you have good friends who are happily married, or your parents are role models, then ask them for something as a gift. The energy of happiness will be transferred to you, which will soon attract a worthy man.
  3. Chinese talisman yin-yang. It can be bought in any souvenir shop. It not only relieves loneliness, but also brings harmony to relationships.

Useful tips on Ulyana day

  1. To get rid of loneliness, it is important to open your heart to new relationships. That is, memories of past unsuccessful experiences and painful images must be let go, otherwise you will have to wait a long time for new feelings.
  2. When building new relationships, show less narcissism. Don't talk only about yourself, listen to your friend and delve into his life. Otherwise, you will push the person away from you.
  3. In search of new love, do not spend the day continuously on online dating sites. Social networks cannot completely replace live communication. Leave the house more often, go to exhibitions, movies, museums, just walk in the park.
  4. Don't build a picture of an ideal lover in your mind. Having created such an image, you will look for it in real life, and “princes on a white horse” are extremely rare.
  5. Never envy happy couples. This ugly feeling of envy will become an obstacle on your way to the desired love.

Folk omens

If July 5 mosquitoes fly in swarms, which means that the next few days will be sunny and clear weather.

Rain on Ulyana day portends a rich grain harvest.


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