July blockbusters. Banderas takes revenge, and Sandra Bullock seeks treasure


    Blockbusters July. Banderas takes revenge, and Sandra Bullock seeks treasure

    Focus introduces readers to the July five blockbusters in different genres: adventure, thriller, comedy, superhero film. Enjoy!

    On the screens of Ukraine in July you will see Antonio Banderas in the role of a mentor of a killer, learn in the premiere cartoon about the mischievous childhood of the “nasty” inventor of mines Gru, laugh at the fourth continuation of the national movie hit “Crazy Wedding”, together with Sandra Bullock you will find an ancient city in the jungle and together with Natalie Portman you will accept the Hammer of Thor, as well as … the duties of the God of Thunder.

    Banshee/Code Name Banshee

    USA, 2022, action, thriller

    Premiere: July 7

    Theme: killers have enough skeletons in the closet

    Expected rating kino-teatr.ua: 3.5/10

    Starring: Antonio Banderas, Jaime King, Tommy Flanagan

    Note that the Banshee in Irish folklore and among the inhabitants of the highlands of Scotland is a special kind of fairies that portend death. It is not without reason that the main character of the film has the call sign Banshee – she is known in the world of professional killers. Under this call sign works Delilah, a former CIA agent who, after the death of her father, chose the path of a mercenary. When performing a new task, she realizes that the customer is also a mercenary. And once he tried to kill her former handler Caleb. Delilah finds out that Caleb is still alive: teacher and student join forces to find out the truth and take revenge.

    Minions: The Rise of Gru

    USA, 2022, animation, comedy, adventure

    Premiering: July 7

    Theme: Allies are not where you are looking for

    Expected rating of kino-teatr.ua: 8.3/10

    The premiere cartoon is both a prequel to the Despicable Me franchise and a continuation of the Minions film, as well as the fifth feature film about the charming villain Gru. Recall that all the series were extremely successful and resonated with both children and adults. The budget of the new cartoon, by the way, is not at all childish – $ 85 million.

    The action takes place after the events of the first film, in the 1970s. Twelve-year-old Gru is a fan of the Evil Six and is trying to become evil enough to join their ranks.

    Unexpectedly, the Wicked Six overthrow their leader, Wylde Knuckles, and Gru comes in for an interview with the goal of becoming a new member of the team. But the villains refuse to accept the boy into their ranks. In revenge, Gru steals a valuable amulet from them and finds himself in mortal danger. On the run, Gru and the minions find an unexpected ally in the sacked Wylde Knuckles. Then Gru will realize that even villains need friendship.

    Tell the judge. New stories

    2022, Ukraine, comedy, eccentric

    Premiere: July 7

    Theme: we can only dream of peace, especially with such neighbors

    Expected rating of kino-teatr.ua: 9/10

    Cast >: Nazar Zadneprovsky, Lesya Samaeva, Jimmy Vokha-Vokha, Yuri Gorbunov

    The film is with the same characters that we know from the three Crazy Weddings, and these are national movie hits.

    < p> In the Seredyukov family, peace has finally come: a number of noisy weddings are behind and the annoying neighbor Taras has disappeared from the horizon. Vasily and Galina can now devote more time to each other.

    The harmony is suddenly broken by the neighbor Oksana, who brought a new man from the resort. They, by an unfortunate coincidence, turned out to be Seredyuk's former classmate, who had been annoying Vasya since childhood. Get ready: a new confrontation is about to start.

    The film was directed by Oleg Borshchevsky, who directed the first Ukrainian movie hit that paid off five times at the box office – the comedy “DZIDZIO Contrabass” (2017). We hope he gets lucky again!

    The Lost City

    USA, 2022, adventure, action, comedy

    Premiere: July 14

    Theme: who is who in a world where the book comes true

    Expected rating kino-teatr.ua: 8.2/10

    Starring: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt

    The reclusive Loretta writes popular romance novels. The events in them certainly unfold in exotic places, and the main character is a handsome man and the dream of readers, who is embodied for the book cover by the model – Alan.

    While on tour to showcase a new bestseller, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire confident that she can lead him to the treasures of an ancient lost city from her latest book. Alan decides to prove that he can be a hero in real life, and not just on the cover, and goes to the rescue of the lady.

    In short, if you have heard about the wild popularity of the film “Romancing the Stone” (1984) with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, or better seen him, then this movie is for you.

    Thor: Love and Thunder/Thor: Love and Thunder

    USA, 2022, superhero movie

    Premier: July 21

    < strong>Theme: men's duties fell on women's shoulders

    Expected rating of kino-teatr.ua: 8.5/10

    B Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe

    In the new film from Marvel, the God of Thunder, without asking anyone, goes in search of inner peace. However, the galactic assassin Gorr, known as the Godslayer, seeks to destroy all Celestials and interrupts Thor's retirement. The God of Thunder turns to the Valkyrie Queen, Korg and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster for help. The latter, to Thor's surprise, now wields his magical hammer Mjolnir in the same way as the Mighty Thor.

    The whole company sets off on a journey to uncover the secret of the Godslayer's revenge and stop the galactic reptile. Jane Foster willy-nilly takes on the duties of the God of Thunder. The gods, like people, everything is complicated.


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