Justice imposes Castillo 18 months of preventive detention in the midst of protests that add up to 20 deaths

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  • The former president is charged with the alleged crimes of “rebellion, conspiracy, abuse of authority and serious disturbance of public peace”

Justice imposes Castillo 18 months in preventive prison amid protests that add up to 20 deaths

The Peruvian political crisis shows no signs of abating. The most eloquent indication that hectic days are expected came from the same justice that has imposed 18 months in prison on former president Pedro Castillo, dismissed on December 8 by Congress. preventive for the alleged crimes of “rebellion, conspiracy, abuse of authority and serious disturbance of public peace“. The order given by Judge Juan Carlos Checkley became known in the midst of a worsening of the internal crisis. The provisional government of Dina Boluartedecreed The curfew in 15 provinces for five days as part of the powers granted by the state of emergency in force for 30 days since last Wednesday. The clashes between police and protesters demanding the freedom of the rural teacher and an early call for general elections have so far caused 20 deaths.

The deaths were registered in the departments of Apurímac, Arequipa, La Libertad, Huancavelica, Junín and Ayacucho, where the largest number of these cases were concentrated and 52 were injured during clashes between police and protesters. The smell of tear gas does not reach Lima. It spreads mainly through the south of the country, where Castillo obtained a good part of the votes that led him to the second electoral round in 2021. But it is in the capital where the rural teacher heard his voice. the charges against you. Checkley made sure In his pronouncement, there are also elements that support that he sought to modify the constitutional regime and intervene in the justice system and other estates.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, who has requested 10 years in prisonAs a conviction, the evidence of the charges against him is compelling because the ex-president himself called a trial. to the Armed Forces when he ordered & oacute; shut down Parliament, a measure that, the prosecution maintained, sought to stage a coup. Castillo pointed to the in his brief allegation that he is “unfairly and arbitrarily detained “. The president of the Permanent Supreme Chamber, César San Martín, prevented him from doing so. keep talking because, he said, that was not the space to make “proclamations”.

The electoral calendar

This Friday, Congress was still studying an effective response to Boluarte's request to modify the electoral calendar. The interim president came back. to renew its request to a legislature reluctant to accept that the new elections be held between December 2023 and April 2024. “I want to ratify my Government's proposal to advance the elections. I call on Congress to make the best decisions< /strong>to shorten the deadlines and make the necessary reforms. Here is We are going all. Executive and Legislative”, he said.

According to the newspaper El Comercio, “the consequences of the escalation of blood and destruction unleashed by those who are not satisfied with the restitution of the constitutional order, on the other hand, cannot be the imposition of their political and ideological agenda on the millions of Peruvians who reject it”. What would be expected of Dina Boluarte, he added, “is a clear and emphatic position in the face of these two circumstances.”

The decisions adopted so far at Palacio Pizarro, he said while the capital newspaper La República, have been “late” and “limeñas”, a way of pointing out that they have only contemplated expectations of the political and economic elite settled in the main Peruvian district.