Justice League 2: Zack Snyder responds to rumors about the sequel to his Snyder Cut


The eventual release of Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max did not fail to revive hopes for a Justice League 2.

With four hours on the clock, the director's cut of Justice League will have time to resuscitate many characters who have not found favor in the eyes of Joss Whedon and the Warner, like Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) , Silas Stone (Joe Morton) or Ryan Choi (Zheng Kai), most or all of the scenes of which were cut from the movie version.

This rehabilitation should thus make it possible to flesh out the narrative arcs of the superheroes who have become rickety under the thumb of the director of Avengers and the studio, then cautious to respect Snyder's vision after the lukewarm returns of Batman v Superman. As far as he is concerned, the highly anticipated Darkseid was meanwhile a centerpiece for the future of the Extended Universe, when Snyder was still its architect .

Zack Snyder who saw far and high for his Justice League

Before the Warner backed off, the filmmaker apparently planned to make a trilogy whose end goal was a general fight against Darkseid in Avengers: Endgame style , in a post-apocalyptic future after the big bad took over Earth. A project dead in the bud with the failure of the Justice League Marvel sauce to which fans were entitled.

If the HBO Max mini-series (re-released in film) should in principle not change anything in the plans for the future of the DCEU, the director was quite ambiguous on the question of a sequel a few days ago in recalling that he knew what would happen after the introduction of Darkseid , while also hinting that he already had the script.

With the return of Ben Affleck's Batman in the next The Flash , the unforeseen reshoots (which would only correspond to 4 additional minutes), the appearance of Jared Leto's Joker or the Green Lantern series in development on HBO Max while The Green Lantern Corps was to be part of the trilogy, so a lot of clues suggested that Zack Snyder's Justice League could perhaps have some follow-up .

Justice League 1.2

In a recent interview with Ping Pong Flix, the director therefore set foot in the dish, explaining that nothing of the sort was on the program, but that he would gladly respond if this was the case:

“I don't expect there to be more movies than that. If that happened it would be amazing, but this is all too far away. Honestly, that's fine with me. You have Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the upcoming The Flash movie. These are all branches of a tree that I planted a long time ago. I couldn't be more proud, I couldn't be more excited about what's going on with Wonder Woman 1984.

It's amazing, these talented people. Patty Jenkins is a genius and Gal Gadot is the best Wonder Woman ever. Every time these people make a new movie, it's great, but as far as I'm concerned, I have a very unique take on how things are supposed to be. “

Bad start for Darkseid rab

If the director has been clear that Warner apparently plans nothing after Zack Snyder's Justice League, hard to take this kind of statement at face value. At the time of his announcement, the director's cut had to be content to go back to post-production to refine the editing, the music and the special effects, while a budget of about 70 million additional dollars was allocated. We therefore wait to see nothing to believe in it.

Ahead of the new version of Justice League on HBO Max, whose new trailer is on this side, fans should see the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 which is still a headache for Warner to release.

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