Justice “presents alarming risks of disruption of services”, says the Bar | Elections Quebec 2022

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Justice “”presents alarming risks of disruption of services”, says the Bar | Élections Québec 2022

The president of Quebec claims that the system of justice “is at the end of its tether”.

It is urgent that Quebec loosen the purse strings and grant much more funding to justice, claims the president of Quebec, Me Catherine Claveau. She urges parties aspiring to form government “to make justice a real societal priority, alongside health and education”.

In a statement sent by press release, the President of the Bar affirms that the crying needs and calls for action of the various actors in the legal community are all indicators of a major crisis of confidence within of the population, towards Quebec's judicial institutions.

To tackle this problem, Me Claveau demands that the funding of justice be doubled and go from 1.1% to 2.2% of the Quebec government budget. For the period 2020-2021, the Ministry of Justice has identified expenditures of the order of $908.6 million.

Still according to the president, this massive reinvestment would make it possible to act on two levels, namely the accessibility of justice and its modernization. It's time for societal choices. Massive funding to revitalize justice is a matter of public protection. The next Quebec government must adopt a justice revitalization plan and funding commensurate with the critical problems we are experiencing, argues Me Claveau.

< p>“Our justice system has reached its limits and presents alarming risks of slippage or disruption of services. »

— Me Catherine Claveau, Bâtonnière du Québec

The Barreau du Québec also proposes that, with a view to facilitating access to justice , lawyers' fees, as well as court costs, are tax deductible.

On also invites Quebec to facilitate the self-determination and empowerment of Aboriginal communities in matters of justice, in addition to implementing without delay the 224 recommendations related to the reports on the reform of the justice system. legal aid.

Finally, the Bâtonnière du Québec urges the government to step on the accelerator in the file of the modernization of justice.

The neglect of justice over time and the underestimated effects of such neglect of upholding citizens' rights have pushed the justice system to the limit. We must react and reposition justice without delay, insists Me Claveau again.

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