Justin Bieber: Ariana Grande helped him to make his return !

Justin Bieber: Ariana Grande l’a aidé à faire son retour !

Justin Bieber gave an interview for Radio Beat 1, the latter spoke of the way that Ariana Grande had helped him for his career!

Justin Bieber don’t talk to Selena Gomez… But he keeps very good relationship with Ariana Grande. MCE TV tells you more !


While he had not released it since Purpose (2015), Justin Bieber has made his big return ! In effet, a man of 25 years is back on the front of the stage with a new album ! The opportunity to do a lot of interviews for the promotion of this project !

Interviewed by Radio Beats 1, Justin Bieber has insisted on one thing ! In fact, he comes to the aid of Ariana Grande ! As well, Justin explained that it had helped him to confront his fears and reconnect with its audience ! In April 2019, the latter was even invited to get on the stage of his concert… A surprise that had much pleased the public !

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Justin Bieber : Ariana Grande helped her face her fears

At the microphone of Zane Lowe, on the airwaves of american radio, Justin Bieber has said more about how Ariana had helped him. In effect, he said : ” I was facing a lot of fear, a lot of… I was afraid, at this point of the process. “ Explains Justin. And to add. ” What I’m going to talk to you again ? Is it that it will be well received ? I started to compare myself to other artists. “

“I think when I’m onstage with Ariana Grande, I saw the reaction of people seeing me on stage. It was good. She gave me a sort of renewed confidence and reminded me what it was, because it was a very long time that I wasn’t up on stage, ” clarifies Justin.I just remembered that… Oh, this is what I do ! This is where I’m good. And I don’t need to escape it. “

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