Justin Trudeau defends his decision to send gas turbines back to Germany


Justin Trudeau defends his decision to send gas turbines back to Germany

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained that it was not an easy decision insofar as Canada must sanction Russia, but without harming its European allies.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defends Canada's decision to return six turbines meant for a pipeline that carries natural gas from Russia to Europe, as Ukraine's World Congress goes to Federal Court to make review this exemption.

While sanctions were imposed on the Russian regime, the government's decision to grant Siemens Canada an exemption to deliver these turbines to Germany, which were in Canada for repairs already planned, earned him a strong rebuke from the Ukrainian government and criticism at home.

At a press conference Wednesday morning in Kingston, Ont., Trudeau acknowledged it was a tough decision. But he explained that the Canadian government decided to allow the return of the equipment in response to Russia's attempts to militarize Europe's access to energy sources.

The Prime Minister has indicated that Canadian sanctions against Russia target President Vladimir Putin and his cronies, not Canada's allies who rely on Russian oil and gas.

The Ukrainian government says Canada's decision sets a dangerous precedent, at a time when the international community must show determination and firmness in the face of Russian threats and its invasion of Ukraine .

The Ukrainian World Congress and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress have urged the federal government to reconsider its decision to return the turbines.


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