Justin Trudeau tells the provinces that they must meet health expectations


Justin Trudeau tells provinces they must meet health expectations

Despite the insistence of his provincial counterparts, the Prime Minister has still not put forward a date to discuss health transfer payments.< /p>

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced a partnership with Umicore to build a manufacturing plant for battery components for electric vehicles. In doing so, in a press briefing, he commented on the provinces' health demands.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, sends the message to the provinces that it is not enough to inject money to solve the problems of the health network. Although the federal government will continue to invest in health, he said, the provinces must “demonstrate concrete results”.

It was in Kingston, where he was announcing a partnership with Umicore to build an electric car battery component plant, that Justin Trudeau commented on provincial health demands.

The 13 premiers of the provinces and territories ended a two-day meeting of the Council of the Federation in Victoria on Tuesday with a request to sit down with Mr. Trudeau to demand that the federal share in health be increased from 22% to 35%, an increase of $28 billion. And this, without conditions on the part of the federal government.

Without advancing a date for a meeting, Mr. Trudeau assured that his government was having conversations with the provinces so that they can deliver health care to citizens. Referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister said that in his opinion, no other premier in the history of the country has discussed health as much with the provinces as he, the past two years.

Justin Trudeau says he hears the concerns of healthy Canadians very clearly.

I think all Canadians understand that it's not fair to "pitch" money to the problem that will solve it, he said in a thinly disguised stab at his provincial counterparts.

“We need to demonstrate concrete results […], Canadians who will finally find a family doctor, Canadians who will be able to have their surgery, Canadians in distress who will be able to have a mental health appointment within a few days.

—Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Canada's prime minister says Ottawa has invested $72 billion in health care extras over the past two years, on top of the tens of billions of dollars it sends out each year in health care payments. transfer. And the federal government will continue to invest, he assured, but not without ensuring that these investments lead to real and tangible results.

An accountability also demanded by the federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Dominic LeBlanc, for whom federal funds must really be directed to health and not redistributed otherwise.

There are provinces, for example, which have decided to send checks for $500 on the eve of their elections […], said Mr. LeBlanc, an arrow shot at the Premier of Quebec, François Legault.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault attends a press conference on the second day of the meeting with his provincial counterparts in Victoria, within the framework of the Council of the Federation.

The latter did not fail to react. It seems to me that the message is clear, that it is important and it seems to me that Mr. Trudeau should agree to meet with us, replied Mr. Legault. But it's very insulting that Mr. Trudeau refuses to meet his vis-à-vis.

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