Justin Trudeau visits Saskatoon to support the rare metals industry

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Justin Trudeau visits Saskatoon to support the rare metals industry

According to the World Bank, the demand for rare minerals such as lithium and copper could increase by 500% by 2050.

Justin Trudeau traveled to Saskatoon on Monday for a tour of Canada's first rare metal processing plant. The Prime Minister wishes to promote this industry linked to the production of electric vehicles and wind energy.

Last September, Ottawa granted $5 million to Vital Metals. This funding is part of a series of investments made by the federal government to support job creation and the growth of Canada's critical minerals sector

According to Justin Trudeau, Canada has the means to meet the needs of clean energy production on a global scale, thanks in large part to the rare minerals found in Saskatchewan.

“The world wants clean technology, and Canada has the resources, skills and skilled workers to meet the demand.

—Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

He adds that the exploitation of rare minerals not only serves to create jobs and advance the economy, but also has environmental benefits.

Critical minerals were one of the key topics discussed during the meeting in Mexico last week between Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, Justin Trudeau and United States President Joe Biden.< /p>

According to the World Bank, demand for rare minerals like lithium and copper could increase by 500% by 2050.

While Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark was present at this event, several journalists noted the absence of Prime Minister Scott Moe.

When asked about this, Justin Trudeau said that Ottawa continues to work in collaboration with the Government of Saskatchewan regarding the expansion of this sector.

Scott Moe, for his part, said he was disappointed not to have been informed of Justin Trudeau's visit to the province when the advancement of this sector is common ground between the provincial government and Ottawa.

He adds that this visit is a missed opportunity to discuss the next phase of expansion of this plant and therefore the attraction of investment in this area.

“We will continue to work with the feds, it's just disappointing that today it wasn't possible.

— Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan

Official Opposition Leader New Democrat Carla Beck denounces Scott Moe's reaction to the visit from Justin Trudeau.

She says that Saskatchewan has a lot of potential and that it is important that all politicians present a united front to promote the assets of the province that this either nationally or internationally.

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