Kajra delighted the fans. It's hard to recognize Sławomir's wife in the latest photos


Kajra surprised us with a spectacular change!

Kajra delighted the fans. It's hard to recognize Sławomir's wife in the latest photos

As the “Goniec” portal reminds us, when Sławomir was building his scenic image, his wife Magdalena “Kajra” Kajrowicz was rather in the shadows. With time, however, she began to show herself boldly to the world and now it can be talked about as an inseparable element of the project, which is “Sławomir”. Kajra is very active in social media. Her last photo evoked a lot of emotions. It is difficult to recognize her in the photo. See for yourself!

Kajra came out of her husband's shadow

Kajra joined her husband on stage after some time, gaining great popularity. She and Sławomir are a harmonious duo not only in life, but also on stage. The couple got married in 2011.

In one of the interviews she revealed that she is Sławomir's muse and that many of his songs are directed to her. She added that she is jealous of her husband and other women. She said that it is completely natural and that every woman who is in love with her man has it.

Kajra remains in constant contact with his admirers via social media, where he posts regularly. Recently, we had the opportunity to see Kajra in an entourage far from what we can see her on stage.

Magdalena Kajrowicz presents herself in the photo in a hat reminiscent of fishing trips or to the forest. In a similar headgear, we can also see Sławomir. The fans were delighted with the latest photo of Kajra. “Wow” – wrote one of the Internet users, adding a fire emoticon to the comment. “Beautiful”, “wonderful” – other Kajra fans were delighted.

And how do you like Kajra in this edition ?


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