Kaleidoscope: Stephen King loved the Netflix series and gives his opinion on the viewing order

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A big fan of the Netflix Kaleidoscope series, Stephen King has offered some advice on the order of viewing episodes.

In order to offer ever more innovative content, Netflix recently released the strange Kaleidoscope, a series with a revolutionary concept. Indeed, if its plot remains very classic (we are talking here about the development of the heist of the century), its narrative frame is articulated on a very sophisticated assembly since it is possible to view Kaleidoscope in any order (and to get the ins and outs of the story all the same).

It is therefore not surprising that Kaleidoscope has aroused enormous curiosity and the audience scores communicated by the platform for the second week seem very satisfactory (more than 112 million hours were watched during this period). And among the spectators, some were won over by the work of showrunner Eric Garcia and by his ability to win their bet. This is particularly the case of the legendary novelist Stephen Kingwho spoke on the subject via Twitter and gave his opinion on the best order to discover Kaleidoscope.

KALEIDOSCOPE (Netflix): Grade A entertainment. I suggest watching chronologically.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) January 9, 2023

“Kaleidoscope on Netflix: I give this entertainment an A. I suggest to watch it in chronological order.”

As the series can be watched in any order, some have fun advising the ideal direction to best appreciate the nine episodes (all titled with a color) and Stephen King therefore adheres to the so-called chronological narration (others prefer the Tarantino method, the classic police investigation and other orders offered by the official Netflix accounts).

The choice of the famous writer is in any case quite classic, because if the chronological viewing order is really the best for a series that hopes to break away from the traditional formula with its concept, it is that the whole thing is not really crazy. Anyway, there are 5040 different combinations to seeKaleidoscopeand we doubt Stephen King has tried them all in less than ten days, so until someone watches everything 5040 times and classifies all the orders, we will be satisfied with that.

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