Kamila Boś from “The farmer is looking for a wife” is quite popular. Another celebrity missed anonymity


She made a sensation in the program as an attractive “queen of mushrooms”.

 Kamila Boś from

She set the bar very high for those who dared to compete for her favors. Kamila Boś showed herself in the program as demanding a lot from herself and from others. As she admitted, she was fed up with loneliness, and she made the decision to participate in the program because in her own environment she is not able to find a suitable partner.

Celebrities from the “Farmer is looking for a wife” program, the fame had a hiccup

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As we remember, none of the competitors delighted Kamila, who was shown in front of the cameras as a capricious princess. She left the program, remaining single, but was followed by her recognition and popularity.

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The media is still very much have long reported her alleged relationships and affairs, which made “the queen of mushrooms” very tired.

During one of the interviews, Kamila Boś stated that she is still single and does not want to comment on subsequent reports and rumors about her alleged relationships.

As she admitted, she now appreciates the anonymity she once could. be happy. She still feels persecuted by internet users who insinuate her relationship with Mateusz Dymidziuk, who turns out to be her cousin. She has nothing in common with Maciej Kazek, except for a joint photo.

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Her example shows that it is worthwhile to think carefully about your participation in any TV program.

M & oacute; j the man of your dreams? A few years older, good-looking blonde. I'm still single. And I will not comment on the next rumors about my virtual relationships. […] Now I appreciate my former anonymity – she complained to journalists.


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