Kansas votes to keep abortion rights unchanged

  • The conservatives' petition to restrict it met with an overwhelming defeat at the polls

Kansas votes to keep abortion rights unchanged

Kansas voters (< strong>United States) voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday in favor of keeping the right to abortion intact as it stands. It is currently regulated in the state Constitution, in a defeat for conservatives who sought to restrict it. According to the projections of the main American media, with 90% of the vote counted, more than 60% of the voters rejected the proposal. change the state Constitution to restrict the right to abortion.

This is the first referendum held by a US state after the Supreme Court ruling that annulled the referendum. the ruling 'Roe v. Wade', which eliminated the federal right to abortion and granted states the power to legislate on the subject.

The consultation, which was held Coinciding with the primary elections in the state this Tuesday, it could have opened the door for the state government to legislate to restrict the right to abortion, which however will now continue. being legal until 22 weeks. It was treated This was a particularly relevant referendum because it could have set a precedent for other states.

Despite having a Democratic governor, Laura Kelly, the central state of Kansas has a great tradition of It is a Republican and this party controls the offices of the attorney general, the secretary of state, and both houses of the state legislature. In addition, Republicans also dominate presidential elections and Donald Trump was the favorite presidential candidate in the last two elections, with 56% of the vote. This Tuesday's ndum had been harshly criticized by civil organizations, who denounced that the text of the question was not clear enough, in an attempt to “misinform and confuse those who oppose the abortion,” according to Planned Parenthood.


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