Kanye West spoke about ambition, a nervous breakdown and an ideal hoodie

Канье Уэст рассказал об амбициозности, нервном срыве и идеальном худи

Kanye West. Photo: Getty Images

Famous American rapper, husband Kim Kardashian Kanye West star magazine cover WSJ. In an interview, he talked about politics, its fashion purposes (the contractor has a brand Yeezy – approx. ed.) and perfect hoodies, ambitious, and experienced a nervous breakdown.

In particular, Kanye frankly explained what happened to him in 2016 when he canceled a concert tour because of a nervous breakdown and ended up in the hospital.

I went through a “Deadpool”. You know this movie? I had a real nervous breakdown from trying to collect all the pieces together,” – said the musician.

About his political affiliations, and people making assumptions based on the fact that he is black and a rapper, performer said the following.

I – black guy in red cap [MAGA] (Make America Great Again – approx. ed.), can you imagine? … It reminded me of how I felt before became famous when he walked into a restaurant and people looked like you’re going to steal something. “This is your place, don’t talk about clothes. This is your place, you’re black, you’re Democrat,” says West.

Said Kanye and what he thinks about the UPS and downs, and strength to rise again.

We fall and come back. It’s a sign of Champions. About what I do, people three times a year saying, “Wow, this is the end. This is the last that we will hear about it!”. People say that I was out of control. I didn’t get out of control. I was out of their control,” said the rapper.

All projects he is associated, West admits that he doesn’t like the word “ambitious”.

I Am – Kanye West. The word “ambitious” below my abilities. I just do. You will not see in my eyes not a drop of fear,” said the musician.

The Creator of the brand Yeezy intends to make “the perfect hoodie” – something between a cropped sweatshirt and a heavy winter coat. The ultimate goal is to make hoodie “for Mac” and sell them for about $ 60.

I like Costco as an idea. Like and Walmart, too,” admitted Kanye.

Musician and entrepreneur also believes that hoodies hooded, perhaps, “the most important piece of clothing of the last decade”.

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