Karma also caught up with the British man who left his wife for a Ukrainian “divorcee”


July 19, 2022, 11:08 | In the world

The British declared ruin.

Karma caught up with the British man who left his wife for Ukrainian " divorcee

British resident Tony Garnett, who abandoned his wife and two children for the sake of Ukrainian refugee Sofia Karkadym, announced that he was left without means of livelihood, informs Ukr.Media.

History , which thundered across the country, happened after Garnett and his wife sheltered a Ukrainian woman in their home. After 10 days, the 29-year-old man said that he developed feelings for the guest and left the family.

Now Garnett complains that he lost his job because of the public's dissatisfaction with his affair. Earlier, according to him, he had a successful business, but now he has to deal with the distribution of bodyguards in pubs and clubs. Garnett's income fell sharply.

In addition, a court hearing took place last week, as a result of which the man was forbidden to contact his ex-wife. A woman complained about offensive messages sent to her by her ex-husband.


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