Karol Strasburger became a father in 72 his wife was 35. Now he gave birth to the whole truth about their child. What was it

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The Strasburgers react to the words of Jarosław Kaczyński.

 Karol Strasburger became a father in 72 his wife was 35. Now he gave the whole truth about their child. What went wrong

As the “Jastrząb Post” website reminds us, the recent words of Jarosław Kaczyński caused a real storm. More and more stars decided to tell about their experiences. The entry on this topic was taken, among others, by Anna Lewandowska, Ewa Chodakowska. Now Karol and Małgorzata Strasburger have spoken.

Marriage of Małgorzata Weremczuk and Karol Strasburger

Małgorzata Weremczuk and Karol Strasburger, who is 37 years her senior, got married in 2019. In the same year, they welcomed their daughter Laura into the world. In one of the last interviews, the actor admitted that he does not plan to expand his family. As he explained, the child should have the right conditions for development, which is quite a challenge these days.

Małgorzata Strasburger decided to speak on the issue that Poles have been living for some time. I am talking about the words of Jarosław Kaczyński, who linked the decline in fertility with the fact that women up to the age of 25 “give in the neck”. The actor's wife turned directly to the president of the Law and Justice party.

In her entry, she recalled that when her daughter Laura appeared in the world, she herself was 35 and her husband was 70. Next to the family photo, she wrote: “On my word, believe me, under this black hat, there is a colorful life of a little woman, perhaps a future mother. A life that, thanks to mature, desired, conscious parenthood, she records in her memory with a slight slippage. the most beautiful moments from childhood “.

Karol Strasburger cannot be silent

The wife's post on his social media shared r & oacute; also Karol Strasburger, adding to them a few words apart. He reminded everyone that parenthood is not always something “attainable” for everyone.

He stated that it was an extremely delicate and very private matter that should be discussed with exceptional delicacy. . He added that he had to wait as many as 70 years to hear his dream words “dad”. He also assured that it was worth waiting for.

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