Karol Strasburger published a request for help. It is about the life and health of the child


Nowadays, the practice of using your image, popularity and reach on the Internet is very dynamic to reach the largest possible number of recipients of a given information.

 Karol Strasburger published a request for help. It is about the life and health of the child

That is why stars and celebrities make such defensive coconuts on the promotion and recommendation of various products and services. This time, however, the artist decided to help disseminate information about a very urgent fundraising for the treatment of a little girl suffering from multiple sclerosis & ndash; SMA.

Karol Strasburger urgently appeals for help in saving the life of little Zosia

This type affects toddlers and gives them very little time to receive hormone therapy before reaching a certain weight and age. The child, spoken of by Karol Strasburger, is running out of time and gene therapy costs only PLN 9 million. As we remember, this is not the first request of this type published by artists and celebrities regarding SMA taking the lives of young children.

Wanting to tweak the gossip portals, he also approached them, and at the same time complaining about publishing without permission photos of his private life.

[…] There are real dramas happening around us 🤷🏼 & zwj; ♂️. So I appeal to you, as #father and #human who does not pass indifferently to such misfortunes as #SMA 😥 disease! Since you have room for unauthorized, extensive photo reports from my private life, add for free, as a bonus 😉, yes “out of the heart's need”, therefore, the following video, with a link to the collection 🤲📸 – [& hellip;] – turned to the most famous tabloid portals in Poland.

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In the film, Karol Strasburger informed about where internet users will find a link to zbi & oacute ; rki organized by siepomaga.pl – HERE you can click and learn about Zosia's story.

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