Karol Strasburger referred to rumors about divorce. The actor spoke exceptionally strong words

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Karol Strasburger on divorce.

 Karol Strasburger referred to rumors about divorce. The actor uttered exceptionally strong words

As the “Pomponik” website reminds us, Karol Strasburger and his wife Małgorzata celebrated their third wedding anniversary not so long ago. They both seem extremely happy. Unfortunately, the character played by Strasburger in the series “M jak miłość” can not count as lucky. Unfortunately, many viewers stick the actor to his role and the host of “Familiada” comes across rumors that his marriage is in crisis. This hurts not only Strasburger himself, but also his wife.

The relationship between Karol and Małgorzata Strasburger & oacute; raises a lot of emotions

In 2019, Karol Strasburger married Małgorzata Weremczuk, who was 37 years younger than him. Interestingly, their acquaintance began with cooperation. Weremczuk was the actor's manager. She turned out to be a great support for him after the loss of his beloved wife Irena. They informed in 2018 that their relationship had long since become something more than a friendship.

The wedding, they managed to hide from the media. It became famous only when their baby Laura appeared in the world in December 2019. Strasburger did not hide his fear of becoming a father at such a late age. Fortunately, he found himself in this role fairly quickly and he enjoys being a dad to the fullest.

In an interview with the portal” Jastrząb Post “, Karol Strasburger admitted that he does not dream of enlarging his family. He stated that both him and his wife being the parents of one child was more than enough.

Rumors about divorce

Jerzy Argasiński, a character played by Strasburger in the series “M jak miłość”, faces a divorce with his younger partner. The actor does not hide that he does not like his private life stuck together with the adventures of the character he plays.

Strasburger does not hide that both him and his wife are very much upset by the rumors about the break-up of their marriage. “This is a scandal, of course. How can you do that?” – he said in an interview with “Plejada”.

He found that many people only read article titles in gossip and gossip media. they draw the wrong conclusions from them.

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