Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko's friend revealed what was happening in the Kraśko house. “Roles turned around”

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What is the life of Karolina Ferenstain-Kraśko and Piotr Kraśka like now?

 Friends of Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko revealed what was happening at the house of Kraśk & oacute; w. & quot; Roles will reverse & quot; /></p><p>As the “Pompnik” website reminds us, the last few months have not been particularly good and easy for Piotr Kraśka. After it turned out that he was driving a car without a driving license, and TVP publicized the problems with the tax office from a few years ago, Kraśko disappeared from “Fakt” in TVN. Kraśka's image and professional problems have a huge impact on his private life. There had to be a significant change of r & oacute; l. Get to know the details!</p><p> <strong> Strongly tarnished image </strong></p><p> It cannot be denied that the image of Piotr Kraśka has been significantly tarnished. The problem started with accusing a journalist of driving a car without the required permissions. Kraśko lost his driving license, but without doing anything about it, he got behind the bed.</p><p>A huge wave of criticism fell on the journalist, which he tried to deal with by publishing an apology on social media and expressing regret. Unfortunately, Kraśka's problems did not end there. The TVP published material devoted to the problems that the journalist had with the Tax Office.</p><p>It turned out that Piotr Kraśko did not pay any taxes for four years (neither VAT nor PIT). The case ended with an admission of guilt and a settlement with the treasury. Kraśko to pay 850 thousand. PLN fine. It poured out a wave of bitterness. Kraśko has disappeared from “Fakt & oacute; w”, and if we believe media speculations, there may never be a place for him there.</p><blockquote class =

Piotr Kraśka's professional situation affects his family

It cannot be denied that Piotr Kraśko can count on considerable earnings, being one of the main faces of TVN stations. Unfortunately, at present, his presence could bring more losses than benefits, which is why he still does not appear on the vision. This has a direct reflection in his family's home budget.

Friends of Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko in an interview with “Rewia” revealed that now the role of the spouse has turned around. It was Karolina who took on the responsibility of maintaining the house and works in Warsaw, while her husband oversees the construction of the house in Masuria.

Do you think Piotr Kraśko still has a chance to return to TVN?

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