Katarzyna Cichopek could not pass this information indifferently. Her entry on Emilian Kamiński breaks the heart

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Katarzyna Cichopek says goodbye to Emilian Kamiński.

Katarzyna Cichopek could not pass this information indifferently. Her entry regarding Emilian Kamiński breaks the heart

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds, information about the death of Emilian Kamiński shocked the Polish show business. The actor died on Monday, December 26. Social media was full of memories and farewell posts from colleagues in the industry. One of the people who mentioned the deceased actor was Katarzyna Cichopek.

Emilian Kamiński is dead

Sad news about the death of Emilian Kamiński circulated in the media on Boxing Day. According to the information posted on social media, the artist died on December 26 at around 7:30 in his home in Józefów. In his last moments, he was accompanied by his loved ones.

Although the media have been reporting for some time that Kamiński's condition is not the best, no one expected that the time to say goodbye would come so soon. The artist has had a lot of stress in recent years. He worked a lot. All this took a toll on his health. As he himself said, he had to face post-covid complications that led to serious breathing problems.

The actor's condition was so serious that it was necessary to perform surgery. Kamiński himself reassured that everything was slowly returning to normal. In an interview for “Plejada” he assured that although he may not be as healthy as a bull, he feels good.

Katarzyna Cichopek recalls working with Kamiński< /p>

“Dear Mr. Emilian…This is how I will remember you. Smiling, pouring jokes like from a sleeve, gallant, with an open mind and heart” – Katarzyna Cichopek began her entry. She emphasized that she owes him a lot and recalls every conversation you had with a smile, both about theater and about life.

Cichopek also mentioned that she and Emil Kamiński met for the last time in October. As the actress admitted, she did not expect that there would be no more. “My heart broke today,” she added at the end, calling Kaminski a master and expressing condolences to his loved ones.

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