Katarzyna Cichopek wants to set new trends. The host of “Question for Breakfast” drew the attention of Internet users with the detail of the divorce styling

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The actress published a photo of the day of her divorce. One detail attracts attention.

 Katarzyna Cichopek wants to set new trends. The host of the & ldquo; Question for breakfast & rdquo; drew the attention of the Internet users & oacute; in particular & oacute; I have a divorce stylization

Marriage and Marcin Hakiel have officially gone down in history. The couple received a divorce at the first hearing without being found guilty. For the sake of the children, they had agreed in advance on all important details.

On August 25, an actress, supported by her brother Jacek, appeared in the court. The man even acted as a witness.

Portal & ldquo; Gossip & rdquo; states that, apart from the divorce case itself, the attention of many was drawn to the not-so-typical styling of the leading & ldquo; Questions for Breakfast & rdquo ;.

Kasia Cichopek put on a white top emphasizing the figure and cream shorts exposing slim legs. For this she chose a white jacket, high-heeled sandals and a flesh-colored handbag. But her sunglasses caught the eye.

The chain attached to them is usually worn on the back of the head, but the actress apparently decided to promote the new trend because she left it at the front, treating it as additional jewelry. . There were numerous comments about the beautiful appearance of the actress. Even the chain dangling at the front doesn't bother you.

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