Katarzyna Dowbor had to take a lot of risk. The journalist has undergone a major operation

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Katarzyna Dowbor has had a serious surgery behind her.

Katarzyna Dowbor had to take a lot of risk. The journalist has undergone a major operation

As reported by the “Super Express” portal, Katarzyna Dowbor has had a serious operation behind her, which carried a considerable risk. Only afterwards did the host of the “Our New Home” program decide to talk about the details.

Katarzyna Dowbor has undergone a major surgery

Katarzyna Dowbor has been present on TV screens for decades. A multitude of fans helped her run the program “Our New Home”. A sympathizer of Dowbor is interested not only in her professional activity, but also in what is happening in her private life. While the presenter herself sparingly shares her privacy details, sometimes she makes an exception.

In 2012 it turned out that Katarzyna Dowbor was seriously ill. The condition she struggled with was Graves' disease. Among her symptoms were eye problems, poor bones and muscles, fatigue, and changes in mood. After consulting doctors, Dowbor decided to undergo surgery.

Katarzyna Dowbor admitted that the procedure was burdened with a considerable risk, and complications that could arise after the procedure could turn out to be the end of her career. It turns out that the vocal cords may have been cut during the procedure. The journalist revealed that she could also have a large scar left after the procedure, which would have forced her to wear a turtleneck.

Fortunately, Katarzyna Dowbor managed to avoid the unpleasant consequences of the procedure. The operation itself went without complications and now the journalist can still pursue her professional life and enjoy life without annoying ailments.

Did you expect Katarzyna Dowbor to face such a difficult decision?

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