Katarzyna Grochola decided to talk honestly about the disease. She also assessed the Polish health service

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Katarzyna Grochola spoke honestly about her illness.

Katarzyna Grochola decided to honestly talk about the disease. She also assessed the Polish health service

As the portal “Jastrząb Post” reminds, some time ago it turned out that Katarzyna Grochola once again another is dealing with the disease. In an honest conversation with Dorota Wellman, the writer revealed how she felt after the surgery she had undergone. She also assessed the Polish health service. Unfortunately, it will not be the highest note.

Katarzyna Grochola talked about the disease

Katarzyna Grochola did not hide in an interview with Dorota Wellman that she had not yet fully recovered from the surgery she had undergone some time ago. “I'm terribly weak, unfortunately,” the writer said.

The author of the novel, and privately the mother of Dorota Szelągowska, did not hide her surprise at how much interest the news of her illness resulted in. She added that she received more and more furious calls in which she heard from journalists “because we don't care that you are sick, but how you can help”.

Grochola does not hide that during this difficult time for her, prayer and faith in God are a huge support for her. The writer emphasized that nothing gives strength as much as believing that “there is something more powerful than us. Something that watches, directs, and is worth giving in to.”

This is what makes her most happy

When ill, Katarzyna Grochola she also had the opportunity to come into contact with the Polish health service. As the writer stated, the medical care system in Poland simply “lies” and you have to pray not to get sick and not to come into contact with it.

Grochola also admitted that cancer is not the end of the world. She even stated that she was glad that cancer affected her and not her child. “That would be much worse,” she concluded.

We wish Katarzyna Grochola a lot of strength and a speedy recovery!

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