Kate Middleton ready to divorce Prince William after he contacted his supposed mistress? The crazy rumor

According to unexpected new rumors, Kate Middleton is seriously considering leaving Prince William after he reconnects with his supposed mistress.

Crazy in love, Kate Middleton has set up a plan of seduction to become the wife of Prince William. Together since university, the two lovebirds got married before starting a family. A true fairy tale marred by a huge scandal. In 2019, a rumor suggested that the Duke of Cambridge cheated on his partner with one of her friends Rose Hanbury, Marquise de Cholmondeley. At the time, a British journalist had confirmed this extramarital affair by explaining that the parents of George, Charlotte and Louis had cut ties with the young woman. Today, we learn that the heir to the crown has resumed contact with his alleged mistress, supposedly making his wife want to divorce.

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According to a source in Globe magazine, Kate Middleton is thinking of leaving Prince William: “Kate was devastated to learn that William put Rose on her Christmas card list. She consulted divorce lawyers after the rumors on William's affair with Rose, his married best friend. Kate was furious to learn that he had reconnected with Rose. She asked him how he could humiliate her in this way. She is tortured by fear that 'he begins to cheat on her again and thinks seriously about their future together. “ But can we really trust these revelations? According to Gossip Cop, the answer is no . You will understand, Kate Middleton and Prince William who could have a fourth child, are still happy.

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