Katerina Kukhar posed on a pink sofa in a spicy pose

Katerina Kukhar posed on a pink sofa in a spicy pose

Ekaterina Kukhar is one of the teleperson's most adored by viewers. The judge “Dancing with the Stars 2020” leads the followers of his microblogging with almost every post into ecstasy. Stylish images are almost always complemented by wise sayings, so, most likely, posts fly straight to users' saves.

Katerina Kukhar posed on a pink sofa in a spicy pose

So this time, the star told what was behind her external lightness. It turns out that the prima had to develop this quality for years and really work on it. And, as usual, Kateryna illustrated her story with stylish photos: Kukhar posing in a dress by Ukrainian designer Artem Klimchuk on a pink sofa. The spicy pose of the artist and catchy words are the key to Kuhar's success in social networks.

“It's a real art when dancers present everything as if everything comes easy for them, and it seems that anyone can get up and do the same. When no one understands how much effort is behind this lightness … I think that this “lightness” is important not only in professional and creative activities, but also in life.

This is a valuable skill that allows you not to drown in the routine of difficulties, but, on the contrary, to become even more inspired and inspire others to accomplishments! People with this quality are limitless in their capabilities! ”, – wrote Kuhar.

“My ideal!”, “You are beautiful”, “Gorgeous”, “Beautiful!”, “There are no words, this is beauty,” wrote netizens.

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