Katie Holmes opens up about Tom Cruise's daughter's unexpected talent


    Katie Holmes spoke about the unexpected talent of Tom Cruise's daughter

    Katie Holmes personally asked her daughter to perform the soundtrack for the film.

    The 16-year-old daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Suri sang a cover of song Blue Moon (“Blue Moon”), and her voice can be heard in the film “Alone Together”, which was directed by the girl's mother and starred in it, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

    “She's very, very talented. She said she would do it, and she recorded it, and I let her do her thing. Basically, I direct like, 'This is what I think we all want, go do it. the proud mother said.

    Blue Moon has a special place in their hearts, according to Cathy: 76-year-old Diane Keaton, who sang the song in the 2014 film And So It Is “, met Suri when she was only a year old.

    Holmes was inspired to write the script for the film “Alone Together” after seeing Diane Keaton in the film “Baby Boom” in 1987. She personally asked Suri to sing for this paintings.

    “I always want her to have the highest level of talent, so I asked her,” the actress explained.

    This is not the first time the girl sings for a picture taken by her mother. Last year, Holmes co-wrote the screenplay for Rare Items, based on Kathleen Tessaro's book of the same name, with Phaedon Papadopoulos and Lafayette Pictures, in partnership with Yale Productions, to produce it. Suri's singing can be heard in the feed.

    At the same time, Katie notes that her daughter is not yet focused on her career as a singer:

    “Besides, she is a 16-year-old child, studying in high school,” the actress emphasized.

    Katie began dating Suri's father Tom Cruise in 2005, and just seven weeks into their relationship, they announced their engagement. Their Scientology wedding took place at the Orsini-Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano in November 2006, seven months after Suri's birth.

    In 2012, Holmes filed for divorce, which was finalized only 10 days later, while Suri's mother retained primary custody, although Tom could visit her daughter. Now Cruz does not communicate with the girl at all and does not even wish her a happy birthday. According to his belief, he has the right to improve relations with a child only if Suri goes into Scientology.

    Suri Cruise is the only natural child of the actor. He has two adopted children, 28-year-old Isabella and 26-year-old Connor, who were adopted by a celebrity married to Nicole Kidman. Cruz's elder offspring, by the way, are followers of Scientology.


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