Keanu Reeves digitized: what a virtual copy of the famous actor looks like (video)


    Keanu Reeves has been digitized: what a virtual copy of the famous actor looks like (video)

    Digital Keanu Reeves is almost indistinguishable from his live original.

    57-year-old American actor Keanu Reeves received his a digital copy that was created using Metahuman and DeepFaceLab, which was shown by the YouTube channel Not Face Video Studio, specializing in deepfakes and neural network technologies.

    To create a deepfake, the authors used the Unreal MetaHuman tool, as well as a recently released function Mesh to MetaHuman, which makes it easy to turn an outer mesh into a 3D character. The rough 3D model was then fine-tuned using DeepFaceLab, a well-known deepfake application, to achieve the likeness of the actor. As a result, a copy of Keanu is almost impossible to distinguish from a living person.

    Netizens appreciated the result of the work.

    “Amazing. Now you can do a real Matrix sequel with Neo”, “Fantastic likeness! Great job!”, “This is what PS8 graphics will look like,” they write in the comments.

    When the celebrity rested and gained strength, he went for a walk around the metropolis with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant.


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