Keen V accused of racism: this sequence which does not pass with internet users


Keen V accused of racism: this sequence which does not reach Internet users

An interview with Keen V is causing a stir on the web. And for Internet users, he made racist remarks. All the details here.

Famous singer, Keen Vhasn't had all the good times in his career. We remember, for example, the cancellation of his tour for lack of spectators. And this time, it’s for something else that he’s talked about. Invited to QG, a program hosted by Jimmy Labbeu and Guillaume Pley, Keen V returned to the style of song he does… Namely ragga. And the singer explains: “You're pretending. Finally, you say nothing and you act as if you were saying something, so you have to believe it. And it makes the illusion. Right after, he showed what to say by singing in his own way…

And if in the audience, everyone has loved Keen V's performance, this is not the case for Internet users. Many tweeters reacted to this video and not always in a positive way. The Mademoiselle Valérie singer has been accused of racism. And Internet users did not mince words to say what they thought. You will be able to see, by going a little further down in this article, with the few comments we have selected.

Keen V is being lynched by Internet users

“You will take back a bit of colonial mood racism (…) His whole career is to caricature the music of the islands, which would be less disturbing if it was good? (…) So according to him the toasters when they sing they say nothing ??? This is rhythmic gibberish for fun??? I want to insult his ancestors!! No respect for the culture of others and on top of that he makes money on that!! (…) But I'm dreaming lol it's the guy who sang Mademoiselle Valérie who allows himself to give his opinion. Dude you're nobody, go back to your island caricature with your banging sounds,” read one of the comments posted on the social media. So far, Keen V hasn't reacted to what he's been saying about himself. No doubt he should do it quickly.