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Watch your updates carefully ; WhatsApp update: this long-awaited new feature is finally here and will make your life easier

A new feature à coming to WhatsApp should greatly change the way you use the app on a daily basis. It will soon be possible to create several accounts and navigate between them.

WhatsApp continues to improve its functionality. regularly updates its messaging with new features. If the application already has planned a major overhaul of its interface in the coming weeks. come, this would not be the only novelty planned. Among the next options available in WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook and the Meta group which owns the rights to the application) announced: that it will very soon be possible to alternate between several accounts.

To illustrate this announcement, Mark Zuckerberg preferred to join the words to the demonstration. The president of Facebook published a short message on their profile with a photo that illustrates this new functionality. We therefore observe two distinct accounts with the basic profile of Zuckerberg and a second bearing the mention “work”.

Watch your WhatsApp updates carefully: this long-awaited new feature is finally here and will make your life easier

© Meta/Mark Zuckerberg

It will therefore be possible to create several accounts within your application and navigate between them. Mark Zuckerberg also specifies:you will no longer need to log out at any time. You might have to carry two phones every time or worry about sending messages from the wrong account. if this feature will be available before the end of the year or even if all smartphones (Android and iOS) are affected.

Some Internet users, however, do not have not expected to react very negatively to this the announcement of this feature. Several users have argued that having multiple accounts on a messaging application would facilitate the use of anonymous accounts, spam or even the lives of unfaithful people who want to lead a double life. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say.

Teilor Stone

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