Keishla Rodríguez’s father at his funeral in Puerto Rico: “My daughter was a being of light”

Keishla Rodríguez’s father at his funeral in Puerto Rico: “My daughter was a being of light”

Keishla Rodríguez’s father at his funeral in Puerto Rico: “My daughter was a being of light”

For Osman Perez Mendez

Surrounded by loved ones and friends, and after being dismissed by thousands of people throughout the funeral procession, this afternoon the remains of the young woman were buried Keishla M. Rodríguez Ortiz, whose murder days ago shocked all of Puerto Rico, while his family has reiterated that they expect it to be the last murder due to gender violence in the country.

Keishla’s coffin arrived at the Los Angeles Memorial Cemetery in Guaynabo in a buggy pulled by white horses, while hundreds of people said goodbye with messages of affection and prayers.

Keishla, and the unborn baby, were victims of a brutal murder last week. The alleged perpetrator of the crime, boxer Félix Verdejo, and his alleged accomplice, Luis Antonio Cádiz Martínez, are imprisoned pending the judicial process against them on various charges.

In front of the cemetery, Sonia Román, Keishla’s aunt, reiterated the gratitude of the young woman’s family to the people of Puerto Rico for the expressions of support and solidarity, and also reiterated the call for the cessation of gender violence and more forceful actions by part of the authorities to end this evil, as well as a more active participation of the community to prevent gender violence.

“Thanks to all the people of Puerto Rico for the support and solidarity to all the battered women in Puerto Rico, because not only is Keishla, there are many. The Police, the government, the laws, they have to be stronger and they have to get tougher for these situations to stop. Because as long as they continue to deny protection orders to women, having recordings, having threats, having a lot of evidence, they continue to deny protection orders, women continue to die, because there is no one to protect them. Laws are not designed for these kinds of situations. You have to legislate and stop so much fanaticism “, demanded Román.

“And that so many innocent people stop dying. There must be more resources for these situations and there must be more money for these types of situations and how to deal with them ”, he added.

In the final moments, Pastor Neftalí Díaz read biblical passages and celebrated Keishla’s kindness.

“We are gathered here to entrust the body of our beloved, dear, Keishla, to rest, and somehow there are the people who love him, the people who love him, the people who I know will remember him for the rest of his life. . Some of those who are here had moments of joy, they enjoyed a wonderful time who Keishla was in life. Now we will have the memories, now we will have the pleasant moments. And that is what we will keep, that is what we will have left. We will have the smiles, the hugs, the time we were able to hug and love him, “said the pastor, urging everyone to take advantage of” the time that God gives us on earth “to hug and love our loved ones.

Pastor Díaz also predicted that Keishla’s family “now has a powerful charge.” to carry the message against gender violence, “the message of not one more.”

Finally, Keishla’s father, José Rodríguez, addressed those present and thanked, once again, the support of the people to his family in these sad times.

“Thank you for being here with us, for the support. It’s really tough, it’s been tough. But she does not want to see us sad, I know her heart and I know that she is with us, and is in a better place than us. And I know that at some point we will see her again, and I will tell her many things that in her 27 years of life I did not have the time to say them. Maybe I told him a lot of things, but I forgot some, ”he exclaimed.

“The one who knew my daughter, knew her heart. My daughter was a being of light. It will be for me, every day, my pretty girl. Every day of my life, she will be the queen of my heart, “he added, with a broken voice, and while many of those present sobbed.

“Really thank you to the people and to everyone who joined us, to the press, to everyone who was grateful, to everyone. Whether they are family or not, it really gave us strength to be able to go through this sad process. I really have no words to say how grateful I am to you. May the Lord bless you always. And from my family, a hug. I love you all, I really do, ”concluded the excited father, as those present gave Keishla a loud final applause.

Simultaneously, they released white doves and flower petals dropped from the sky from a helicopter.

The relatives melted into a painful embrace, consumed by grief and crying, as they deposited the coffin at its final destination.

Before, in the morning hours, the funeral caravan briefly passed through the Villa Esperanza residential complex, where the young woman lived. There, the mourning was evident among the residents, many of whom wore T-shirts with different images of Keishla, either smiling next to one of the pets he used to care for or in the artistic interpretation that reflects the mural they painted on the wall of the building. where his residence was.

Next to that mural, residents have placed an improvised altar to remember her, with flowers, candles and messages of affection. At the entrance of the residence, another makeshift altar also pays tribute to Keishla.

“The village is completely resentful, because it is a girl who went from her work to her house, daily. He was seen more than in the mornings and afternoons when he went to work and that to do his work. A girl dedicated to her work and her home. He was very sensitive, with dogs, with animals and all that. It was always there. She was always the same everywhere, she greeted everyone, always loving, as seen in portraits, smiling. The residents are very resentful of what happened, ”said Juan Cotto, a resident of the residential area.

When the funeral caravan arrived in the morning, the neighbors crowded the streets next to the entrance, to say goodbye to Keishla and give a message of support to the family. Many joined the procession at that time to follow it to the cemetery.

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