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Keyboard shortcuts exist ;also for mobile phones and this one is the most useful one I know

Smartphones are often referred to as small pocket computers, but did you know that these also have shortcuts? One of them makes your life a lot easier…

Smartphones are increasingly becoming essential companions at home. our daily. Some of them can even replace our computers with their advanced functions, their foldable screen or their compatibility. with an external screen. But did you know that our iPhones and Android smartphones also have several shortcuts that can make your life easier? There is one in particular which is quite little known but which seems to me to be most useful when you type text in an SMS message, on WhatsApp or by email and which deserves to be shared. .

Who has never sweated à big drops while trying to correct a misspelled word or when his fingers accidentally slipped; on the keys? When you realize that an undesirable character has crept into your life, In the middle of a word that is itself buried in the middle of a long message, going back and landing the cursor right in the right place often turns out to be very difficult. s complicated. Except perhaps for the rare people with fairy fingers.

The shortcut in question is precisely designed for this type of recurring situation in messaging applications, but also in an online chat or on social networks. It is available on a very wide range of mobiles but is nevertheless unknown to most smartphone users.

Keyboard shortcuts also exist for mobile phones and this is the most useful one I know of

Check more easily your messages with a simple shortcut

If several people already know Which shortcut I'm talking about (hint: it concerns the SPACE bar), they will be able to testify to the great usefulness of this shortcut. of the latter in a very specific case. In order to use this shortcut, you must be in an application that reveals your smartphone keyboard. Then hold the SPACE bar for a few seconds with your finger and slide it to the left or right. You will then be able to move with great precision within the text that you were typing! A very practical function to go back without deleting everything you have previously written.

Of course, it is also possible to directly touch your text, but this option is often very imprecise (especially if you have slightly thick fingers). Holding the SPACE bar allows you to more precisely control your cursor position and works on both iPhone and Android phone.

Be careful though: if you have of a keyboard that you have downloaded on your phone, it may not have this option. The keyboards integrated into the However, the iPhone and Android smartphones like iMessage, SwiftKey or GBoard are compatible with this shortcut.

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