Kiera Knightley 35: interesting facts from the biography of the actress

Кире Найтли сегодня 35: интересные факты из биографии актрисы

The birthday girl of the day today is British actress keira Knightley. She’s turning 35 years old.

Even in dekorativnye times keira Knightley was not often able to capture the paparazzi on walks in London, new York or Los Angeles. The actress is fairly private and not public life, and on the red carpet we see her only when Knightley presents a new work.

We decided to tell you about the interesting and little known facts from the biography of the Brits.

Keira Knightley born March 26 1985 in Teddington, London, UK, the son of actors will Knightley and Sharman MacDonald. By the time the couple already had a son Caleb, who was six years old. The girl’s father was an admirer of the Soviet skater Kira Ivanova, therefore, the name Kira was in her honor. However, when registration mother accidentally made a mistake in writing the name, finally registering her as Keira.

Acting Kyra worked from childhood, already in three years she asked the parents about the fact that they hired her personal agent. What parents consented, but on condition that Kira will be fine in school. She studied the girl really carefully, the reason was its desire to overcome dyslexia, which future star had suffered since childhood. Own agent Kyra’s appeared in six years.

On the screens Knightley debuted in eleven years. She has starred in many television shows and short TV series, and also played a number of cameo roles in the movie.

In the movie “Star wars: Episode I” she played a double for Queen Amidala, played by Natalie Portman. Actress in makeup were so similar that most of the audience didn’t even notice the difference. On the set of Kira sometimes had to replace itself and Natalie Portman. After the film, this fact was noticed only by specialists and attentive audience, many were convinced that both roles are played by Portman.

Breakthrough for keira Knightley was the film “bend it like Beckham” in 2002, where keira Knightley played a teenage girl. The film has grossed 76 million dollars and has brought the actress more known.

In College, Kira was admitted to the same 2002, planned to study the classics, English literature and history. But the movie became so many that combine work and study proved impossible. So Kira left school, deciding that I would continue it a little later.

Great success came to Knightley when she played in 2003, the main female role in “pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl” with johnny Depp and Orlando bloom. About Kira learned all of Hollywood.

It is no secret that keira Knightley has a very small chest. On the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the actress’s Breasts visually increased with the help of computer technology. However, the star says they were satisfied with their size. In 2014, even a scandal about this, and Knightley starred in the project of Patrick Demarchelier, represented in the pictures naked. The photographer agreed to accept the rules of the game and assured Kira that there is nothing to add on the photo it will not.

For her role in “Pride and prejudice” actress was nominated for “Oscar”. In 2012, keira Knightley played the role of Anna Karenina in “Anna Karenina”. For this role she was nominated in 2013 by the European film Academy Award in the category “Best female role”.

Keira Knightley married musician James Ryton. They were married in may 2013. Two daughters Edie and Delilah.

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