King Charles III wants Harry and Meghan back. Other premises have come to light

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The lost employees of a company called the royal family seem to spend a night sleep at the new ruler of Great Britain.

 King Charles III wants Harry and Meghan back. Other reasons have come to light

It's no secret that the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the British royal family was, gently speaking, strained.

It seems that royal left fans are learning new information from the left and the right-hand page on what happens between a long-standing split, and everyone wants to know when Harry's bombshell will be out.

King Charles III wants to get his “lost sheep” back?

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Despite trying to keep the peace at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, it seems the King Charles III may have plans that may affect his relationship with his son forever.

It is reported that Charles tried to send the pair olive branches after an olive branch, but new reports show that he may be on the verge of endurance. Royal left observers believe that King Charles's first speech to the nation after the death of his mother, in which he distinguished Harry and Meghan, was a step towards rapprochement. & ldquo; I want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad & rdquo; & ndash; he said.

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What sociologists call “family morality” takes place when people observe “who takes a step forward, who is responsible to other family members” when a parent dies. The gap between Harry and his father can be seen as & ldquo; evidence of how strong the change is in putting one's own happiness before tradition, in this case a tradition that includes the tradition of the royal family and the ancestral line that follows this binds & rdquo; & ndash; He said. Joshua Coleman, psychologist and therapist from San Francisco, author of Rules of Estrangement.

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Will the world ever see again Meghan and Harry as working members of the royal family? According to media reports, many British citizens want it very much, but we still have to wait for the end of the reconciliation process.

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