King Charles significantly distinguished one of the family members. A surprising decision

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The new British monarch made his first message, which has already received wide coverage around the world.

Queen Charles significantly distinguished one of the family members. A surprising decision

The death of Queen Elizabeth and the appointment of her successor led to enormous changes in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Northern P & oacute;

Portal & ldquo; Gossip & rdquo; reports that several examples were mentioned in the first official speech of King Charles III.

During the broadcast, the new British monarch mentioned his new responsibilities and the even greater role of Prince William and his wife Kate, who were automatically given new titles.

Until now they were titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and now as heirs to the throne they were appointed Prince and Princess of Wales. In the case of William it was obvious, but there was speculation to the end about the title of Princess of Wales.

The last person to wear it was Karol's first wife, Diana Spencer. Even after her divorce, and later her death, she retained this title. The second consort of Queen Elizabeth's son out of respect for Lady Di was referred to as the Duchess of Cornwall.

 King Charles significantly distinguished one of his family members. Surprising decision

Any doubts have just been cut by the new king, who hopes that his son and daughter-in-law will do a great job of their new responsibilities.

& ldquo; They will continue to inspire and lead our national talks, helping to move the marginal to a central place where significant help can be provided & rdquo; & ndash; stated the British monarch.

In the eyes of the British, it is a great honor. Do you think that Princess Kate will worthily replace Diana as Princess of Wales?

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