Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 Touchscreen External Drive


    Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External Drive with Touchscreen

    The company ;aKingston, an expert in storage solutions, has recently put on the market the SSD IronKey Vault Privacy 80 (VP80ES) external drive, a new unit that stands out for having encryption by means of hardware and independent of the operating system and with touch panel for data protection. The VP80ES is brute force and BadUSB prepared with firmwaredigitally signed. The protection system wipes the drive using encryption by default, if the administrator and user passwords are entered incorrectly 15 times in a row. 

    The drive is FIPS certified 197 with XTS-AES 256-bit encryption mode and makes use of a Common Criteria EAL5+ (CC EAL5+) certified microprocessor and conforms to the TAA standard.

    Easy to use

    It is as easy to use as unlocking a smartphone, and also because it allows drag and drop to transfer files. It also features an intuitive color touch panel and an option to use multiple passwords (admin and user) with numeric PIN or passphrase modes, which is more efficient. That's the option to protect data over the Internet and cloud services.

    “With more users working from home and outside of company firewalls, we want to offer military-grade security options that are more capable and easy to complement our encrypted USB drives,” says < strong>Oscar Escayola Kaloudis, EMEA Flash Business Director for Kingston.


    The manufacturer recommends the drive for small businesses and content creators, but it's definitely useful for anyone who wants to protect their documents in a secure and accessible way. Two USB 3.2 (1st generation) adapter cables, USB Type C2 to Type-A and Type-C to Type-C, are included as standard, making it easy to connect to computers and other devices.&nbsp ;


    It is possible to activate a user password and change security options as well. how to adjust the password requirements indicating the maximum number of share attempts, the minimum length (from 6 to 64 characters) and the rules for creating an alphanumeric password. Allows you to use the “space” character to make it easier to remember a passphrase as a list of words. If preferred, the PIN pad can be used to unlock in the same way as a mobile device.

    As an additional function, if the password is forgotten, it will be possible to reset it. use administrator to access data and restore user access.

    Features and values

    FIPS 197 certified with XTS-AES 256-bit encryption mode< /p>

    Intuitive touch panel

    Option to use multiple passwords (administrator/user) with PIN and passphrase modes

    Password rules ;a configurable

    Two read-only modes (write protection) to prevent malware

    This is Kingston's first innovative OS-independent external SSD with touchscreen display. Hardware encrypted for data protection.

    Military-grade security measures position it at the forefront of protecting sensitive information&nbsp ;

    Availability and price

    Kingston's IronKey Vault 80 External SSD is ready to ship. Available in capacities of 480GB, 960GB and 1920GB and is backed by a three-year warranty, and free technical support.

    Summary of important features

    Touch screen provided in the housing , with the ability to display colors.

    User authentication is done by password, PIN, or specific phrases. This system has different protections against brute force attacks to maintain data security, encrypted with 256-bit XTA-AES.

    If you enter the user password, or the administrator password, 15 times in a row wrongly, the SSD will be erased. automatically through a Secure Erase.

    Secure erase functions, management of users with different privileges and access, or even the configuration of the maximum number of erroneous attempts to enter the password, can be configured from the menu integrated into the screen itself. 

    The firmware of the IronKey Vault Privacy 80&nbsp ;is digitally signed and its case has military-grade resistance to withstand shocks and sudden movements.

    In terms of connectivity, it uses a USB 3.0 port (USB 3.2 Gen 1) for data transfer, with a port USB-C and adapter cables to USB-A. With this interface, its read and write speed is 250 MB/s.


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