Knife attacks in Saskatchewan: “Some heroes wore moccasins” | Knife attacks in Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan Knife Attacks: “Some heroes wore moccasins” | Saskatchewan Knife Attacks

Members of the James Smith Cree Nation community performed like heroes as they attempted to save others on September 4. (archive)

Some of the victims of the stabbing attacks at the James Smith Cree Nation were trying to help others, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Saskatchewan.

These attacks occurred on September 4 and claimed the lives of 11 people.

According to Saskatchewan RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, some of the victims did not think of their own safety when coming to the aid of others.

“I learned that some heroes wear moccasins because of what we saw at James Smith's Cree Nation. They protected others because it was the right thing to do.

— Rhonda Blackmore, Saskatchewan RCMP Assistant Commissioner

Herbert Burns, for example, says his sister, Gloria Burns, became one of the victims as she tried to save her friend Bonnie Burns.

Gloria Burns was addiction counselor and emergency first responder.

“She loved what she was doing and she believed the Creator was going to help her, but the Creator said, 'No, you're overdoing it.' You have to know when to help and when to step back. She gave her life, it was the choice she made.

—Herbert Burns, brother of Gloria Burns, one of the victims

Saskatchewan RCMP continue to investigate the 13 crime scenes related to the knife attacks.

According to Rhonda Blackmore, investigators took 250 witness statements and seized nearly 700 physical evidence from the crime scenes.

She adds that the police are still trying to establish the chronology of events of that fateful day using DNA and forensic evidence as well as witness statements.

According to Rhonda Blackmore, members of the RCMP continue to patrol the community, at the request of the chiefs of the James Smith Cree Nation.

She adds that several officers share the community's grief, as they knew some of the victims.

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