Koala the unusual sounds of the laugh Network

Коала необычными звуками насмешила Сеть

From cute animal such sounds do not expect.

In a network published video funny “conversation” koalas, which in this case was making strange noises, reports the Chronicle.info.

Sweet-looking Koala was making a sound similar to the grunting of a pig. Users expect to hear a pleasant “voice” of the animal, but in real life koalas emit horrifying screams.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, says Koala, but it was not so” — has signed the movie.

In the video, the Koala sitting on the ground and just grunts. It seems that she is trying to tell people. The animal looks up at the camera and “talking”, making grunting and roaring.

“Not quite the cute Teddy bear everyone thinks he is,” wrote one commenter.

A funny video has been viewed more than 3 million people and 54 thousand shared it.

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