Koh-Lanta: A condom used by two candidates during a comfort test? The latest revelations

Koh-Lanta: A condom used by two candidates during a comfort test? The latest revelations

While Ambre was eliminated from Koh-Lanta, the Cursed Totem following the orientation test, the young woman returned without taboo to the condom affair!

Since few days, social networks are going crazy. Indeed, during a comfort test won by Ambre and Bastien in Koh-Lanta, the Totem Maudit, viewers could not help but notice that a red pouch seemed to be on the floor. And that was enough for Internet users to panic and imagine that it was a condom wrapper. What put the Web upside down. Questioned by our colleagues from Purepeople, Ambre reacted for the first time to this rumor which literally ignited social networks.

And his answer is clear and clear: “It’s nothing but a flower petal! To me , it’s huge. As much sometimes there are some articles that do not always please, but then there… I tell myself that you really have to be a little dull to believe it. When I stumbled upon it, I burst out laughing.” But then, how did her fiancé react to discovering the agitation of Internet users at this topic ? “I sent the thing directly to my fiancé, to Bastien. It’s so big it didn’t have any impact! Neither about my couple, nor about my friendship with Bastien.

Amber: “I knew there were some twisted people”

Amberconcludes by confiding: “I knew that there were twisted people, but since I did Koh-Lanta, I realize that there are some has a lot.The guy is hot… He went zooming in on it anyway!” For her part, Olga had already reacted to these improbable rumors: “It makes me laugh!A lot of laughter, even. It’s unlikely. It’s the internet. A lot is being said on social media this year. It is impossible for a condom to end up there like this. We are so not focused on that. That should put an end to all speculation.

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