Konami announces three new Silent Hill games

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Konami announces three new Silent games  Hill

Silent Hill 2 will also be entitled to a new version.

Image from the new version of the game “Silent Hill 2”

Konami revealed its plans for the future of its popular horror video game series Silent Hill in a video uploaded this week, which includes four games in development.

The Japanese studio first revealed that players would be treated to a new version of Silent Hill 2, released for PlayStation in 2001. The Polish studio Bloober Team is responsible for reviving this game considered one of the best in the series.

No release date has been mentioned, but it is known that the game will first launch exclusively on the PS5 and PC.

In addition, we learned that Konami has again called on director Christophe Gans (behind the 2006 film Silent Hill) to transpose Silent Hill< /em> 2. The new movie, currently titled Return to Silent Hill, is in the initial stages of development.

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This is also the case of the new game announced by Konami, Silent Hill f, of which a short trailer has been slipped at the end of the studio presentation. The story appears to take place in Japan, thousands of miles from Silent Hill, the fictional monster-filled New England town that has been the setting for the games thus far. No details have been provided as to a delivery schedule.

However, we should be able to get our hands on a new game in the series in 2023: Silent Hill: Ascent. Presented succinctly on Wednesday, it seems to offer a multiplayer experience that unfolds in interactive comics.

Another game project was mentioned by Konami, Silent Hill: Townfall, without much being said about it in Wednesday's video.

There hasn't been a new Silent Hill game since 2012 .

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