Konstantin Bogomolov on Russophobia: “There is no hostility towards Russians”


    Konstantin Bogomolov on Russophobia:

    Konstantin Bogomolov

    Director Konstantin Bogomolov published a post on Instagram* in which he spoke about the attitude towards Russians in Europe:

    Traveling by kahal on my vacation, I want to say something that I don’t see in the tapes and reports of my friends about their vacation or work trips, and what they all talk about in private conversations. And what I was convinced. There is no hostility towards Russians. From the word “absolutely”. About incidents with refusal to serve — I've read about them but haven't come across them. And with my own eyes I see only kindness. It will probably be unpleasant for those who are “ashamed”, but in Europe I meet — everywhere among ordinary people doing business, not politics: among drivers, owners and employees of shops, restaurants and cafes, hotel employees, just people on planes and trains, at stations and on the streets, among young people, middle-aged, elderly — everywhere and everywhere only cordiality to the Russians. Kindness and respect. And not a single “heavy” sigh at the sight of my red passport.

    Bogomolov — artistic director of the Theater on Bronnaya, the state budgetary institution of culture in Moscow. Bogomolov did not voice his position on the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, saying only that it was “impossible to involve” him in any meanness. After February 24, there were rumors that Bogomolov and Sobchak emigrated, but they were not confirmed.

    Recently, Konstantin Bogomolov's wife Ksenia Sobchak said that Ukrainians approached her in Milan and asked her to take a photo with her. At the same time, the journalist's fans themselves admitted that they would not publish the picture on social networks, so as not to annoy fellow citizens. Sobchak positions himself as an “independent journalist” and does not openly express his position on Russia's special operation in Ukraine.

    *Instagram is owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization in the Russian Federation


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