Kosovo and Serbia on the brink of military conflict: how the parties are trying to alleviate the situation


Kosovo and Serbia on the brink of military conflict: how the parties are trying to alleviate the situation

Pristina and Belgrade accuse each other of armed aggression on the border. The Kosovo authorities are consulting with American and European partners, and Serbia promises not to capitulate and win.

The Kosovo government has postponed until September 1 the decision to terminate the Serbian documents, due to which there was a military escalation on the border with Serbia. This was reported by the Serbian edition Danas, citing the government of Kosovo.

Following this decision, the Kosovo authorities expect all roadblocks in northern Kosovo to be removed. The government condemned the shelling on the border of the two countries, as it destabilizes the security situation in the country.

Kosovo and Serbia on the brink of military conflict: how the parties are trying to alleviate the situation

” During the day and in the evening there were numerous aggressive actions provoked and prepared by Belgrade,” emphasizes the government of Kosovo.

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti met with American and European international partners after the armed clashes, the publication noted.

US Ambassador to Kosovo Jeffrey Hoveni was thanked for his great contribution to resolving the situation. Nova.rs writes that it was Hoveni who asked the Kosovo authorities to postpone the cancellation of the Serbian documents.

Serbia wants to reduce tension

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced Serbia's desire to reduce tension on the border with Kosovo.< /p>

“I hope that tomorrow (August 1) the situation will not be so tense, we will come to peace with new compromise solutions. We are working to calm everything down,” the Serbian leader said after a meeting at the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces.

< p>Kosovo and Serbia on the brink of military conflict: how the parties are trying to alleviate the situation

Vučić asked the representatives of the international community to stop the conflict with Kosovo and warned that Serbia would not capitulate and would win.

“We need to keep the peace. Everything that happened shows how well they prepared an attack on Serbia,” – he explained and warned the Serbs living in the north of Kosovo about the most difficult political struggle in the future.

Albin Kurti accused Vučić and the director of the department for Kosovo and Metohija Petar Petkovic of organizing unrest in the north of Kosovo.

“Arrangement of checkpoints and shooting are aggressive actions that were planned in advance in Belgrade and Raska, they were preceded by various meetings and meetings,” the Kosovo Prime Minister stressed.

Ukrainians are advised not to go to the southern regions of Serbia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Ukrainians not to visit the southern regions of Serbia and avoid crowded places, Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko wrote on Facebook.

“We are monitoring the situation in southern Serbia. The parties must refrain from actions that can provoke violence,” he said.

In case of an emergency, it is recommended to call the round-the-clock hotline of the Ukrainian Embassy in Serbia at +381631113185.

The aggravation on the border of Serbia and Kosovo – how the conflict began

The situation on the border of Serbia and Kosovo escalated on the evening of July 31 due to the decision of the Kosovo authorities to oblige the Serbs to obtain a temporary border crossing document when entering the republic. Serbian documents in Kosovo wanted to be considered invalid from August 1.

Kosovo and Serbia are on the brink of a military conflict: how the parties are trying to soften the situation

Pristina said that this is how Belgrade is responsible for refusing to recognize Kosovo's certificates. Further, in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, about 200 Albanians gathered behind the bridge that divides the city. The Serbs began erecting barricades.

In Telegram channels, they wrote that near the Serbian city of Novi Pazar, on the border with Kosovo, they heard the sound of firing from automatic weapons and air raid signals.

Kosovo special forces blocked border, and the Serbian security forces began to build barricades. Vucic warned of an attack by the Kosovo army on the northern part of Serbia on the night of August 1.

MiG-29 fighters flew out of Serbia and patrolled the airspace near the borders with Kosovo. The movement of a column of military equipment towards the border with Serbia was noticed from Kosovo.


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